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aoThe Web is Newa syndrome

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 21 May 2011.
Planet PHP

Following up to my last post about my job search, I'd like to touch on another interesting point I ran into during this round of job discussions.

I'm dubbing it: aoThe Web is Newa

It's hard to exactly put a finger on it, but basically, when looking for web work nowadays, there is this mentality that the Web is a new thing.A Invented just a few years ago.AA Almost like the DotCom doom never happened and the web was invented since then.

This mentality doesn't seem to matter if it's a startup, or a big company.A The aWeb Division' has the same concept.

Not only is this somewhat shown in the topic of my previous post, where people are only looking to hire people with at most 5 years experience in the field.A But it goes deeper than that.A There's essentially an assumption that everyone working on the web is a ayoung pup', single, and always on the cutting edge of this anew thing'.

It can manifest in many ways, but often includes the idea of long hours, weekend work, low compensation, relocation not being a problem, etc.

It actually starts to make me feel out of place in this field almost.A I've been writing aWeb Applications' for 16 years, and people almost blink in disbelief when I mention that when discussion a job opportunity.AA It seems to be, interestingly enough, that the aweb' industry never matured as it's employees did the same.

I have to assume that most other anew industries' had similar growing pains when they first existed, people just clamoring to be a part of it, and no one having experience in it, so everyone was on equal grounds.A But the industries then, 2 decades later, became more settled, more structured, more stable.

For some reason, this doesn't seem to have happened on the Web.A Which leaves an interesting question.A Where are all the rest of the 16 year experience folks?A What are they doing?A Where have they vanished to, leaving all the young 20-somethings to fill the Web positions?

Why is, the Web still new?

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