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A Prototype API for Joind.In

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 17 May 2011.
Planet PHP
Following the principle of "release early, release often", I put live a very early version of the v2 API for today (so that I can use it in another project!). I haven't updated the documentation yet but in case anyone was thinking of consuming data from, this at least gives you an idea of the direction of the project so I thought I'd share.

Things you need to know:
  • The service is an HTTP Web Service. Meaning it's RESTful apart from when it isn't

  • The endpoint is here:

  • You can fetch data about events and talks (read-only) at this point

  • Formats available are html or JSON. The service will guess from your accept header but you can override it with ?format=json or ?format=html

  • If you need more columns than you get by default, you can add ?verbose=yes to your request

  • Pagination is available, with parameters resultsperpage (default 20, set to zero for no limits) and start (default zero)

  • The service supports OAuth1.0a, which isn't useful at this point as we're read-only but it will come into play as we add functionality


Events list:

Information about DPC11:

Talks at DPC11:

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