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Adding DTrace Probes to PHP Extensions

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 7 December 2012.
Planet PHP

The powerful DTrace tracing facility has some PHP-specific probes that can be enabled with --enable-dtrace.

DTrace for Linux is being created by Oracle and is currently in tech preview. Currently it doesn't support userspace tracing so, in the meantime, Systemtap can be used to monitor the probes implemented in PHP. This was recently outlined in David Soria Parra's post Probing PHP with Systemtap on Linux.

My post shows how DTrace probes can be added to PHP extensions and traced on Linux. I was using Oracle Linux 6.3.

Not all Linux kernels are built with Systemtap, since this can impact stability. Check whether your running kernel (or others installed) have Systemtap enabled, and reboot with such a kernel:

# grep CONFIG_UTRACE /boot/config-`uname -r` # grep CONFIG_UTRACE /boot/config-*

When you install Systemtap itself, the package systemtap-sdt-devel is needed since it provides the sdt.h header file:

# yum install systemtap-sdt-devel

You can now install and build PHP as shown in David's article. Basically the build is with:

$ cd ~/php-src $ ./configure --disable-all --enable-dtrace $ make

(For me, running 'make' a second time failed with an error. The workaround is to do 'git checkout Zend/zend_dtrace.d' and then rerun 'make'. See PHP Bug 63704)

David's article shows how to trace the probes already implemented in PHP. You can also use Systemtap to trace things like userspace PHP function calls. For example, create test.php:

load(); $row[0]-free(); echo $x; ?

The normal output of this file is the XML form of Oracle's DUAL table:

$ ./sapi/cli/php ~/test.php X

To trace the PHP function calls, create the tracing file functrace.stp:

probe process("sapi/cli/php").function("zif_*") { printf("Started function %s\n", probefunc()); } probe process("sapi/cli/php").function("zif_*").return { printf("Ended function %s\n", probefunc()); }

This makes use of the way PHP userspace functions (not builtins) like oci_connect() map to C functions with a "zif_" prefix.

Login as root, and run System tap on the PHP script:

# cd ~cjones/php-src # stap -c 'sapi/cli/php ~cjones/test.php' ~cjones/functrace.stp Started function zif_oci_connect Ended function zif_oci_connect Started function zif_oci_parse Ended function zif_oci_parse Started function zif_oci_execute Ended function zif_oci_execute Started function zif_oci_fetch_array Ended function zif_oci_fetch_array Started function zif_oci_lob_load X Ended function zif_oci_lob_load Started function zif_oci_free_descriptor Ended function zif_oci_free_descriptor

Each call and return is logged. The Systemtap scripting language allows complex scripts to be built. There are many examples on the web.

To augment this generic capability and the PHP probes in PHP, other extensions can have probes too. Below are the steps I used to add probes to OCI8:

  1. I created a provider file ext/oci8/oci8_dtrace.d, enabling three probes. The first one will accept a parameter that runtime tracing can later display:

    provider php { probe oci8__connect(char *username); probe oci8__nls_start(); probe oci8__nls_done(); };
  2. I updated ext/oci8/config.m4 with the PHP_INIT_DTRACE macro. The patch is at the end of config.m4. The macro takes the provider prototype file, a name of the header file that 'dtrace' will generate, and a list of sources files with probes. When --enable-dtrace is used during PHP configuration, then the outer $PHP_DTRACE check is true and my new probes will be enabled. I've chosen to define an OCI8 specific macro, HAVE_OCI8_DTRACE, which can be used in the OCI8 source code:

    diff --git a/ext/oci8/config.m4 b/ext/oci8/config.m4 index 34ae76c..f3e583d 100644 --- a/ext/oci8/config.m4 +++ b/ext/oci8/config.m4 @@ -341,4 +341,17 @@ if test "$PHP_OCI8" != "no"; then PHP_SUBST_OLD(OCI8_ORACLE_VERSION) fi + + if test "$PHP_DTRACE" = "yes"; then + AC_CHECK_HEADERS([sys/sdt.h], [ + PHP_INIT_DTRACE([ext/oci8/oci8_dtrace.d], + [ext/oci8/oci8_dtrace_gen.h],[ext

Truncated by Planet PHP, read more at the original (another 4991 bytes)