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Autumn Conferences

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 23 September 2010.
Planet PHP

Autumn Conferences

London, UK Wednesday, September 22nd 2010, 21:14 BST

Autumn started yesterday, and that also marks the start of the 2010 autumn conference schedule. In the next two and a half months I'll be attending and speaking at several conferences. Besides some of the older topics (PHP's date/time extension, and Xdebug) I will also give a few presentations on "Geolocation and Maps with PHP".

The new presentation covers the use of geolocation information with PHP. I will start with a theoretical background of all the services, mapping systems etc involved. After that, I will discuss on how to use geo-services from PHP. From obtaining of geo-location information through databases and services, mapping services to visualize geo-aware data to geo-aware data storage, manipulation and querying.

The talks are:

  • Debugging with Xdebug (WebExpo, Prague, September 24th)

  • Geolocation and Maps with PHP (PHP NorthWest, Manchester, October 9th)

  • PHP Inside (IPC, Mainz, October 12th)

  • Geolocation and Maps with PHP (IPC, Mainz, October 13th)

  • Advanced Date/Time handling with PHP (ZendCon, San Jose, November 2nd)

  • Haystacks and Needles (Forum PHP, Paris, November 10th)

  • Geolocation and Maps with PHP (Forum PHP, Paris, November 10th)

I am looking forwards to meeting all my old friends, and hoping to meet some new ones too. Come and say hello!