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Big step forward in Modular Database Applications with DataObjects

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 1 September 2010.
Planet PHP
Article originally from rooJSolutions blog
Being a Software Developer is all about developing applications faster, and delivering quicker. At the same time ensuring that quality is not lost and readibility is kept. DB_DataObjects is one of the key tools in my productivity toolkit. It was originally designed as a way of ensuring that shared database related code ends up in the right place, In the Model layer of the application, rather than the View or Controller (or worse mixed in to some hybrid PHP html garbage..), along with doing cool stuff like Query building etc.
Over the years, of using DataObjects, I've built up quite a library of reusable DataObjects, which to some degree can be plugged in to any project. A Person object that handles login/authentication and authorization (working with the Permissions and Group objects). A Image object that handles storage of Images, and Files that can provide File type conversion for rendering (using things like unoconv, etc.)
More recently, I've been using the Roo Javascript library as the UI component, the Pman Components ontop of the very lightweight html_FlexyFramework. The result is a very modular set of Application development parts. That can quickly be thrown together to build applications. Here's how they all fit together and how it just got a whole lot more modular and flexible...