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Brian Swan's Blog: Interview with Ben Waine, 2011 PHP on Azure Contest Winner

Note: This article was originally published at PHPDeveloper on 17 April 4679.

Recently Microsoft sponsored a contest where the entries were PHP applications built on the Windows Azure platform. Brian Swan has posted an interview with Ben Waine, the latest winner of the contest who created an application called the "Twitter Sentiment Engine" that analyzes the sentiment towards various search terms on Twitter.

I recently had a chance to catch up via e-mail with Ben Waine, winner of the 2011 PHP on Azure contest. [...] I only followed the contest from a distance while it was happening, but after hearing that Ben had won the contest (I had the good fortune of meeting Ben in person at the 2010 Dutch PHP Conference) and after reading his blog series about building his application,

They talk about Ben's current work and some of his background in development as well as what interested him about the contest. Ben talks about his motivation and ideas behind the sentiment engine and some of the struggles he had working with Azure (like deployment). He points out that the PHP isn't the hard part, it's getting used to the Microsoft technologies around it. He also points out a bayesian filter he developed to help filter out some of the twitter spam.