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Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 21 April 9420.
Planet PHP

I started as developer in Pascal, Java and C. After noticing this interesting phenomena called the world wide web I was eager to participate. Convinced that PHP was a perfect language to quickly build web-applications, I started building websites even before the H in PHP received theAofficialAmeaning "Hypertext".

After developing websites for a while, I was convinced I knew it all. I quickly stumbled upon the obvious, that I knew nothing. After learning from other developers, reading many books and constantly trying to improve myself, I found out that software-development isn't easy at all. In fact, it's very hard to do right.

In my 5+ years of professional experience in building large web-applications. I learned to identify many of the problems of software development. During many hours of consultancy jobs and by working atAIbuildingsA(one of the best PHP companies in the world), I'm able to explain and express those problems, to developers and to managers.

I'm a developer and open-source enthousiast at heart, with real understanding of business needs. I know what drives developers, I understand managers and I know what the business wants. I'm able to translate between those massively different entities.

I started at Ibuildings inA2008AandAI've worked there with great pleasure, but it's time for something new. As of 2013 I will continue doing the thing I love most, as a freelance consultant.

I'm available as a solutions architect. I can help design your new platform, I can give a second opinion on your existing infrastructure, I can help you with assessing the technical ceiling of your development team. I can help setup proper tooling to give you better insight in the quality of your products, by making quality measurable. I can review your development processes and make recommendations with the end goal, of introducing a better overal quality of code and a healthier development team.

I offer my services in the Netherlands, but I'm always open to interesting opportunities.

Thanks for reading!A