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Cli parsing in FlexyFramework, PEAR Console_GetArg

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 11 August 2011.
Planet PHP
Article originally from rooJSolutions blog
AAnd another rare article get's published, I've been slacking off posting recently. As I've been busy getting some interesting sites online. The biggest being a rather fun viral advertising campaign on facebook Which I ended up project managing, after originally only committing to do the facebook integration.
Anyway back to the open source stuff. One of the tasks I've had on my todo list for a while is revamping the CLI handling of my framework, Which probably has a tiny following, but is one of those increadably simple, yet powerfull backbones to all my projects.
While this article focuses on the changes to the framework, it should also be of interest to others developing frameworks, and anyone interested in using PEAR's Console_GetArg.