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Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 23 October 2010.
Planet PHP
In a few days I will attempt one of my most tricky conference schedules in a long while (perhaps ever), I get the feeling a vacation will be in order after all this.

It was a privilege to get my talks accepted accepted at the PHP Barcelona Conference 2010 in Barcelona, Spain where I will be speaking about Hidden Features of PHP as well as APC & Memcached. Then I get to fly home to Toronto for about 24 hours, and from there travel to ZendCon in Santa Clara, California, where I get to speak about the (awesome) Memcached extension and some more Hidden Features of PHP. Then I fly back to Toronto, for roughly 36 hours, after which I depart to Paris, France to speak at the Forum PHP organized by AFUP to talk about APC & Memcached.

Should be fun