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Consistent hashing for PHP

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 18 April 8220.
Planet PHP

Since almost a year or so, I've been programming less and managing more.. Well that obviously begged for a side projected and voila, that is the story why I started this new project.

I've always had an interest for distributed systems and once I learned about Consistent Hashing I was blown by the simplicity, yet it's massive impact and effectiveness. I can start a massive buzz-word galore at this point, but I much rather move over to my latest project, CANOMA.

If you just want to see code, head on

CANOMA, short for Cache Node Manager, is a well tested PHP library that allows for very easy implementation of a distributed caching strategy. It supports various algorithms, ranging from fast and simple to complex and slow. I've also included a tool to help you choose the best algorithm and settings for your infrastructure, since this is very dependent on the amount of caching nodes, the amount of expected cache keys and the amount of redundancy you want to have.

Some codeA

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