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Developing Custom Request Handlers With Recite CMS

One of the capabilities developers have with Recite CMS is the ability to create a custom backend request driver. Doing so allows the front-end of your web site to talk to the back-end.

Take forms in Recite CMS as an example. When a form is submitted from your Recite CMS-built web site, it is submitted to a URL that begins with /__/forms. In actual fact, this request is being sent to a backend request driver called forms. This driver takes care of processing the form and performing any required actions (such as creating a new user or sending an e-mail).

Forms is an example of one such driver that comes with Recite CMS, but developers can also build their own. For instance, if you've developed a custom Recite CMS module for publishing weather forecasts, you could create a backend request driver to retrieve this forecast using Ajax.

Your "weather" backend request driver might accept the name of a city as an input (e.g. /__/weather/forecast?city=adelaide), and a return JSON-encoded data that can be output using JavaScript.

For more information on building backend request drivers (or any other driver type), head over to the Recite CMS Documentation Portal.