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Development environment for Magento OXID and Shopware

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 17 September 2012.
Planet PHP

Developers in smaller and larger e-commerce agencies/shops are often faced with different development environments. Customers who want to evaluate e-commerce platforms like Magento, OXID or Shopware have to handle everything from downloading the packages, their LAMP stack and installing it on-the-go. Of course, you might have your own virtual machine, but for a quick shot you have to create another virtual host etc.

But there's a solution for that: a vagrant/puppet based development environment for Magento, OXID and Shopware. It consists of a Vagrant build and uses standard puppet recipes for Apache, PHP etc as well as own (open source) recipes for Magento, OXID and Shopware and installs the appropriate shop system in a box together with a lot of PHP tools.


All you have to do is clone the commerce-dev-environment repository from GitHub and vagrant up :-)


Feature enhancements and Pull Requests are welcome.