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Drupal as a Content Repository - a few months later

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 15 January 2012.
Planet PHP

I've recently blogged about how we use Drupal as a Content Repository. I wanted to write a lessons learned follow up post to see what worked out and what we needed to adjust.

Where we are

We still use Drupal as a Content Repository and just consume it's content data via webservices to let our application do the complicated rendering. We launched the external part of our content in November 2011 (see our Expat Magazine and our Country & City Guides) and the internal part in December (you need to request an account to see it). Development of both parts was smooth, but we reached some limits of what one can do with Drupal's view module and we needed to adjust our aono custom codea to aoas little custom code as possiblea.

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