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More information How to Set up Wordpress on EC2 Using Puppet and Git

Note: This article was originally published at PHPDeveloper on 31 March 2012.

On there's a new article from Daniel Ackerson showing how to set up a WordPress instance on an Amazon EC2 instance with the help of Puppet and git.

Having started out on a Joyent appliance, migrating to Linode, and finally, to Amazon with a Bitnami stack, we noticed the common pain of manually configuring each of these environments. Bitnami caused us an even bigger headache by being very difficult to update (apt-get doesn't update the bitnami wrapped AMP stack). We decided to get full control of our box by setting up a stock Debian LAMP stack on AWS using Puppet and git to manage our sites. Here's a gentle introduction on how we did it.

He guides you through the entire process:

  • Setting up a micro instance on EC2
  • Signing up for unfuddle (for git)
  • Installing Puppet (standalone)
  • Setting up your git repository to point to unfuddle
  • The needed Puppet configuration files to get the WordPress instance deployed

Complete code (and commands) are provided in the post.