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Free Software in companies

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 6 August 2010.
Planet PHP
At work we currently have a discussion: I'd like to develop some components as Free Software. My bosses like the idea, but the client goes nuts only thinking about it.
So as part of the discussion I thought to collect those companies who actively advertise their Free Software. I know about the big ones, but it would be even more interesting to get a list of succesful small companies that share at least part of their inhouse projects. On the other hand it would not be too interesting to list full Free Software companies like Red Hat.
It would also be fine to share this list in some wiki (FSFE?) when it grows larger. For some companies I also list very popular projects from my point of view.

big companies

  • Adobe
  • Facebook: Cassandra, Thrift, Scribe, HipHop for PHP, ...
  • Yahoo: YUI, Design Pattern Library, YSlow, Hadoop, ZooKeeper
  • Twitter
  • Google: Chromium Browser, Google Summer of Code, Android, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Protocol Buffers - data interchange format, Java Collections Library, unladen-swallow - faster implementation of Python, ...
  • IBM: Developerworks (Tutorials), Eclipse, International Components for Unicode (ICU)

middle sized companies

small companies