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Getting started with CouchDB : meet PHP on Couch

Note: This article was originally published at Zend Developer Zone on 10 September 2010.
Zend Developer Zone
The first time I met CouchDB, my eyes blinked a long time... At least, a new way of storing data, a fun way, web-oriented ! Well of course there was a drawback to this : I had to forget all my SQL reflexes and way of thinking. And you can imagine how hard it is ! I then googled to find the available PHP libraries to work with CouchDB... Believe me or not, at that time, the ones I found still were SQLish : ORMs, Datamappers, ... So I started building my own, and made it available to Github. Now it's mature enough, so I think it's the good time to show it to the community. This article will present the basics of CouchDB and the way to use it through PHP.