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Hijacked by Flickr pandas!

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 27 August 2010.
Planet PHP

After over 4 years at Schematic, it was time to move on. Everyone seems to be hiring like crazy these days and with some soul searching and pondering the future a, I decided to go with an opportunity to work on the Flickr dev team. I started in June. This involved leaving my beloved New York City for the cleaner, milder, better-produce-providing and wth-is-up-with-the-weather San Francisco. (This post is late in the making mostly due to the craziness of a cross-country move and only maybe 30% laziness).

Working at Flickr so far is pretty amazing. In addition to the NY vs. SF culture shock, it seems like every day something points out how different it is to work for an agency when compared to working for a company that owns its own product. Maybe it's just the size, too. My previous clients tended to be pretty large companies, while Flickr, even though it's owned by the Yahoo! behemoth, is allowed to operate quite autonomously. Also, apparently Flickr is obsessed with pandas.