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Implementing a WebDAV Server With PHP

The lead developer of Recite CMS, Quentin Zervaas, discusses implementing a WebDAV server using PHP on his PHP web site,

Recite CMS offers this functionality out-of-the-box, allowing users to manage files on their Recite CMS web sites using their native operating system. Additionally, users can manage their templates using their favourite text editor.

Although this article doesn't specifically help users of Recite CMS, it will hopefully give you a bit more of an insight into some design considerations and implementation details for Recite CMS.

The article discusses the following:

  • Creating a simple WebDAV server
  • Mapping a web drive to Windows and OS X
  • How to ignore temporary operating system files
  • Adding file-locking so operating systems can safely write files
  • Protecting the WebDAV server using HTTP digest authentication

You can read the article at