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Introduction to PostgreSQL

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 21 April 4640.
Planet PHP
The slides from my "Introduction to PostgreSQL" talk at Confooare now available for view/download
and can found here: Hopefully it will make people more interested in PostgreSQL, which is a great database system and take it into consideration when making their database platform decisions.

For me personally, it was quite interesting, as it is one of the rare chances I get to speak about something that is not directly related to PHP, although I did sneak-in a few PHP specific slides

I would very much appreciate feedback from all who had attended the talk and any suggestions on how to make it better are always welcome. Please send me your comments via this blog or via

A big thanks for to Bruce Momjian from Enterprise DB who gave me some really good suggestions on improving the slides (already reflected in the PDF) and Christophe Pettus from PostgreSQL Experts, Inc. whose original PostgreSQL Intro talk had inspired mine.