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JavaScript library Open Source Awards announced

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 19 November 2010.
Planet PHP

I had the pleasure of participating in the Packt Publishing Open Source Awards for JavaScript Libraries recently, and they just announced the winner: jQuery. AI don't normally republish entire press releases, but here's the bulk of their release today.

Packt Publishing is pleased to announce that jQuery has won the inaugural Open SourceAJavaScript Libraries Award category in the 2010 Open Source Awards. The Award is a newAcategory introduced to the Open Source Awards this year, featuring libraries of pre-writtenAJavaScript controls which allow for easier development of RIAs (Rich Internet Applications),Avisually enhanced applications or smoother server-side JavaScript functionalities. aoOn behalf of the entire jQuery Team, let me first say thanks to Packt Publishing for this award.AI'd also like to give a huge thanks to the community of designers and developers that use jQueryAdaily and felt the urge to vote for jQuery as their favorite JavaScript library. We'll use this prizeAto further the development of the jQuery Project.a Said Ralph Whitbeck, jQuery core teamAmember.aoWhile jQuery hasn't undergone any radical change in the past year, the project has continuedAto evolve at the same frenetic pace and the 1.4 release included a wide range of small butAimportant improvements.a Added Michael Mahemoff, Google developer advocate, html5/JavaScript specialist and one of the judges for the 2010 Open Source JavaScript LibrariesAcategory. aojQuery covers all bases as its performance is high priority, it is easy to use, has aAhuge community, great documentation, and an excellent plugin ecosystem.a While jQuery occupied the top spot in the 2010 Open Source JavaScript Libraries category,Athe other two extremely popular finalists RaphaAl and Mootools tied and both projects will beAawarded the first runner up position.
FWIW, jQuery didn't get my top vote - MooTools did. AI'm glad to see they got a first runner up tie. AFor the record, the finalists were MooTools, Raphael, jQuery, ExtJS and Dojo. AFrankly, given the scope of the finalists, choosing a awinner' is darn near impossible - they're all good in their own ways. AThat said, myself and some other judges had some private discussions with reps from each project, got our answers, and made our votes. AI'm nominally a YUI guy, and while I was a bit disappointed to see them missing from the finalists, it made it easier to vote - I didn't have a horse in that race that I had an attachment to. Congrats to jQuery, but additional thanks to everyone who contributes to all of those projects. AOur internet is a much more productive place for devs having tools like Dojo, ExtJS, MooTools, jQuery, Raphael, YUI, GWT and more!