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JSDay & PHPDay 2012 Verona

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 17 April 8960.
Planet PHP

From May 16th to May 19th the latest edition of jsDay and phpDay took place in Verona,AItaly. Both are two-day conferences, the first one centered aroundAJavaScript, the second around PHP (obviously). They are organised by theAcommunity (Grusp) which means they are much more focused on technology thanAon marketing. A number of Liipers were attending one or both conferences and some whereAeven giving talks.


JsDay directly started with a mindblowing talk by Mark Boas (The slides can be found here). He demonstrated his technique called "hyperaudio" which he uses to enhance audio content on the web with semantic information. Doing so he makes the audio content both crawlable by bots and accessible by visually impaired people. Also this technique gives great possibilities in terms of user interaction: It gets possible to highlight the currently spoken words, to spool exactly to a certain word or to switch the language of an audio file while it is playing.

Another highlight of jsDay clearly was JavaScript messiah Douglas Crockfords Keynote. He spoke about the functionality of our brain and why it makes it so hard for us to step away from subjective criteria when it comes to programming style.

In general the trends in the JavaScript world are all around emerging technologies like in browser data storage, 3D CSS transformations and the yet not mature native audio / video handling. A big topic wasAnode.js which had a handful of talks devoted to it. Another trend in the JS microcosmos is the movement from simple libraries to ingenious JavaScript frameworks, as client heavy applications grow more and more complex.


There have been a lot of interesting talks by people from the PHP community.AThe spectrum of talks covered a lot of ground, from highly technical aspects like how to build PHP extensions to more social or organisational aspects with talks about agile workflow and team communication.ABelow you find a list of the most remarkable talks:

  • Mastering PHP Data Structure 102 by Patrick Allaert
  • Step by Step: Making a website fly with Assetic, Varnish and ESI by David Buchmann
  • Security at scale: Web application security in continuous deployment environments by Zane Lackey
  • Symfony CMF by Jacopo Romei
  • PHP in 2012: Keynote by PHP fatherARasmus Lerdorf
  • PHPCR - PHP Content Repository Specification by Lukas Smith
  • Best Practice in API Design by Lorna Jane Mitchell
  • A Practical Look At Symfony2 by Stefan Koopmanschap
  • Dependency Management with Composer by Jordi Boggiano
  • Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services by David ZAlke
  • And of course the really entertaining closing keynote of David Coallier


As always at conferences, a lot of interesting talks also happened at the infamous 'hallway track' and at the social events where we met many interesting people from all Europe and the states.AThe conference was really well organised by Grusp and the talks were well balanced.

At the social event on the phpDay we made a picture of all attending Liipers. Unfortunately Mirco wasn't around so Derick Rethans (!!) kindly agreed to play the body double for him :-)

The next jsDay/phpDay will take place again next year from May 16th to 19th. We really recommend to go to at least one of the conferences if not both. If you go you'd do well to reserve some time to visit the beautiful city of Verona.


Unfortunately, during the end of our stay two major incidents occurred in Italy which shocked the whole country. Our thoughts go out to all the people affected by those tragedies.