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Latest sprint at InterNations II

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 10 June 2012.
Planet PHP

What we did in the last weeks at InterNations

  • Had an ugly downtime due to our master database crashing
  • Implemented registration via Facebook (with a little help of FOSFacebookBundle)
  • Learned a lot about message queues and decided to go with RabbitMQ and possibly RabbitMqBundle
  • A colleague who developed an enthusiastic hatred for JavaScript in the last years started doing JS with Backbone and thinks it was fun (Yay!)
  • Gradually rolled out our new registration process (still rolling)
  • Got annoyed by Google's decision to discontinue Google Website Optimizer but still started using it (for the lack of better alternatives)
  • Improved our backup and restore strategy
  • Worked on our product agenda and what to do next

If this stuff sounds interesting and you want to work with us, drop me a mail