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Latest sprint at InterNations III

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 26 June 2012.
Planet PHP

What we did the last two weeks at our little startup, InterNations

  • Tons of bug fixes, tons of general product improvements
  • Learned a lot about HAProxy and keepalived and going to replace diverse load balancing solutions for different protocols with a single solution
  • Learned to love RabbitMQ (Erlang, mnesia, durable queues, nice failover mechanisms) and reimplemented our internal mailing infrastructure. Lot of work but it looks good so far. While doing that we fixed a number of issues (#62410, #62411, #62412) with PECL amqp and Swiftmailer
  • Got four new machines up and running and (for the better part) into production.
  • Learned more about how to structure our site navigation-wise in the future