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Lorna Mitchell's Blog: Using JIRA's REST API to Create a Dashboard

Note: This article was originally published at PHPDeveloper on 29 March 2012.

In this recent post to her blog, Lorna Mitchell shows how to use the Jira REST API (provided as a part of some of the newer versions of the tool) to create a "dashboard" of the latest items added to the tracker.

Today what you get is an example of integrating with JIRA's REST API, because their recent "upgrade" locked me out of the issue listings pages completely and I really do need to be able to see a list of bugs! Their bug editing screen is quite usable, so it's just the list that I need here, but you could easily call their other API methods as you need to. These examples are PHP and use the PECL_HTTP extension, because it's awesome, but these examples could be easily adapted to use another language or library.

She includes an example of the REST-based URL to fetch the issues (based on the Jira tracker), parsing the JSON results and displaying the results as a simple list, looping with a foreach and outputting some HTML.