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Magento CE 1.7 forked on GitHub

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 13 May 2012.
Planet PHP

[This blog post is also available in German.]


Yesterday, it was the news of the day: Magento CE 1.7 was forked on GitHub by some community people. After the spectacular departure of Yoav Kutner, then-CTO at Magento (TechCrunch reported), it was just a matter of time until Magento was forked. Indeed, as Vinai Kopp pointed out on twitter, there have been some forks of Magento already (project agent-ohm, a fork of Magento 1.3), but Mage+ seems to be another case.

What are the reasons of the fork of Magento? And what's in it for the Magento community?

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