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Multivariate Testing, PHP Frameworks, Plea for help.

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 10 August 2010.
Planet PHP

I was curious if anyone has any experience with Multivariate (A/B) testing with PHP Frameworks. AI foundA yesterday, but I haven't heard of anyone using it in production yet. Nor have I been able to gather how easily or well it integrates with Symfony, or other frameworks that introduce some level of caching.

Here's what I'd like to measure.

  1. How often I showed the blue sign up button on a page.
  2. How often people clicked on that blue sign up button (currently I'm using event tracking..)

That's basically it for now, I was thinking of firing off a custom variable into google analytics everytime I showed a specific variation, but I don't have the backend logic to show the different variations an equal number of times. It would just a rand() call.. This smells very wrong, so I was curious what the rest of the community was using

PS: I've used Google Website optimizer for basic A/B tests of landing pages, but multivariate tests make the management and markup within the views unmanageablea unless someone has an interesting framework already in place..