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MySQL Query Analyzer and PHP

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 30 September 2011.
Planet PHP

Today we've released a few things for PHP and MySQL users: One is the first (and probably only) beta of the mysqlnd_ms plugin for MySQL Replication and Load Balancing support and the first GA version of a PHP plugin for the Query Analyzer of the MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

Ulf blogged a lot about mysqlnd_ms, so I don't have to repeat him here. what I want to talk about is the other one. So what is that about?

When running a PHP-based application with MySQL it is often quite interesting to see what actually happens on the database sever. Besides monitoring of the system load etc. it is often interesting to see what queries are actually executed and which of them are expensive. A part of MySQL Enterprise Monitor is the MySQL Query Analyzer which helps answering these questions.

Traditionally the MySQL Query AnalyzerA was based on MySQL Proxy which is configured to sit between the application and the MySQL server and collects all relevant data.

Now in the new 2.3.7 release of the MySQL Enterprise Monitor we have enhanced this for PHP users: We now provide a plugin which can be loaded in PHP and which will provide data for the Query Analyzer directly from within PHP.

By that we don't only reduce the latency for the data collection but we can provide more information about the current environment.

In the query detail window you now don't only see general query statistics but also a stack trace from the application, so you can immediately identify the part of the application which should be improved. So above you can see a few screenshots I made from this server showing some insights of this blog where I was testing the plugin.

If you want to learn more checkout the documentation and product pages. Hope you like it!