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Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 24 August 2011.
Planet PHP

If you're reading this on a feed, you might like to click in to inspect the new look which has now arrived on! I've moved all my existing content to wordpress, and the lovely people at magmadigital made the theme that you see here.

The aim of the site move was to give me a more grown-up feel to my site, which has evolved from crazy pink personal blog (although it's been MUCH less pink in recent years) to the home page of my consultancy business. It has navigation and should make it much easier for people who don't know what I do to find out what that is. It also has provision for linking to my book(s?) - my recent book project isn't in print yet but you'll see that part of the site come alive when it is - and to other site elements such as case studies or testimonials.

For now, you should be able to find everything here that was on the old site, and I'll be blogging just the same as ever. If you have any comments then let me know; and if you're on a feed, feel free to go back to it, nothing should look any different.