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New version of php-excel extension 0.9.7 released!

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 21 October 2012.
Planet PHP
A new version of the php-excel extension, v0.9.7 was released and is now available for download at:

This new version allow for compilation against latest version of LibXL 3.3.1 and provides wrappers for new functions available in LibXL 3.2.4+, which include the following:
- added ExcelSheet::getTopLeftView() and ExcelSheet::setTopLeftView() methods for getting/setting a view position in the sheet
- added ExcelSheet::addrToRowCol() and ExcelSheet::rowColToAddr() methods for translating Excel cell position to row/column definitions

Additionally the extension's "info" section was modified to show the version of LibXL library the extension was compiled against.