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October Conferences

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 20 September 2010.
Planet PHP

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, but it has been a busy summer! October is looking interesting though, with a few conferences coming.

First up is PHP Northwest, in Manchester on the 9th and 10th of October. I'll be one of the speakers, with a talk about the rules and tools you can use in debugging. There are a whole host of great people talking though, such as Lorna keynoting on coaching dev teams, Derick talking about maps, and my ShorDurPerSav Lorenzo on profiling. They also have some speakers making the transatlantic trip, like Scotty Mac talking about hip hop, and Marco on how PHP Architect runs. Rob, Mike and Rowan and a couple of others are all talking about Zend Framework, which may bias Marcus' Framework Shootout somewhat.

Straight after on the 11th to 13th of October is the International PHP Conference in Mainz, Germany, where I'll be giving the debugging talk again, and my search talk. There's a whole lot of talks in German, but among the english content are talks by luminaries including Johannes SchlAter, Ben Ramsey, Sebastian Bergmann, Stefan Priebsch and more (including Derick again, of course).

Next up I'll be attending (though not speaking at) Search Solutions 2010, in London on the 21st. Finally, at the end of the month on the 29th and 30th you can find me at PHP Barcelona, in Barcelona (natch), talking about search. There are a good slab of the names from above there (including Harrie who is also at PHPNW) and a bunch of new ones (including Thijs talking about The Cloud). I'm really looking forward to all of these conferences, and if you're there please come over and say hi!