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OSCON 2011

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 21 April 3660.
Planet PHP

This year I'll attend OSCON for the first time. I'll give two talks:

  • PHP and MySQL - Recent Developments
    PHP's MySQL support recently received many changes under the hood. PHP 5.3 introduced mysqlnd - the MySQL native driver which is a replacement for libmysql deeply bound into PHP. In this presentation you will learn what the PHP and MySQL development teams were up to. After starting with an introduction of the PHP-stack, demystifying things like mysqli, mysqlnd or PDO, this presentation will show you how to build mysqlnd plugins as PHP C extension and hooking into mysqlnd from PHP userland. It will also discuss existing plugins like a client side query cache or a module for doing read-write-splitting, both working transparently, without changes to your application.
  • PHP Under the hood
    The beauty of PHP is that everybody can read the code and see the inner workings of software. But understanding concepts from reading code isn't often helpful. Especially if you are no pro in that language. This presentation will take apart many parts of the PHP runtime, describe the concepts behind so attendees understand the inner workings without actually reading C code. Concepts covered include HashTables, the foundation for PHP arrays and many other internal data structures, the reference counting mechanism, which is important for writing efficient code as well as the overall executor.

In case you can't make it to these talks but want to talk to me you'll probably find me at the Oracle booth where I'll also try to give some short talks on some topics to be defined (any wishes?)

AIn case you're not interested in me and my talks but MySQL there are a few sessions by other MySQL Engineers:

In case you want to attend you can use the code os11fos which should give you a 20% discount.