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PECL MogileFs 0.8.1 released

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 19 February 2011.
Planet PHP

On Wednesday I 0.8.1 of PECL MogileFs has been released. The new version features a few important changes and fixes:

  • Changing timeout parameter for MogileFs::connect() to float to allow specifying microseconds. This is an important change if you want to do connection pooling for your trackers in PHP. You can now limit the time the client tries to connect to a tracker and connect to an alternative one if this fails
  • Connect timeout does not set read timeout. This change became necessary with the better connect timeout handling and is the whole reason there is a 0.8.1. The previous assumption was to reuse the connect timeout as read timeout. This is no longer feasible. If somebody needs the functionality of setting a specific read timeout, I would be happy to implement that as a specific option though. I personally have no use for it.
  • Fixing arginfo for MogileFs::put(). You dawg, I've heard you like reflections. So I've put some reflection into your reflection so you can reflect while you reflect
  • Adding read timeout handling. Andre Pascha of Kwick provided a patch for better read timeout handling. Previously read timeouts were silently ignored, this behavior has been fixed. Thanks!
  • Adding EOF check before reading/writing to a socket (Andre Pascha)

Also it's marked as aobetaa I'm fairly confident with this release. We already upgraded production environments on the newest version, so you could too.