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PHP 5.4.0 RPMs for 64bit Oracle Linux 5.x are available

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 14 March 2012.
Planet PHP

I've published some vanilla PHP 5.4.0 RPMs to make new feature testing easier for Oracle Linux 5.x 64 bit users. The standard set of RPMs is at The OCI8 extension is also available (this requires the free Oracle Instant Client 11.2 from ULN or OTN.)

Some of the features of PHP 5.4 are:

  • Improved memory usage and performance. Some impressive preliminary reports of the benefits include: and

  • File Upload progress support is natively implemented.

  • Support for Traits now allows code reuse:

    trait t1 { function m1() { echo "hi"; } function m2() { echo "bye"; } } class my_c1 { use t1; /*...*/ } class my_c2 extends c2 { use t1; /*...*/ }
  • A built-in HTTP server for development is included:

    php -S
  • Improvements were made to the interactive PHP shell (when PHP is compiled with readline).

  • A shortened array syntax was introduced: $a = [1,2,3];

  • The default character set for several internal functions was changed to UTF-8.

  • Support for multibyte languages is now configurable at run-time instead of compile-time.

  • The value echo tag "" is now always on.

  • Binary number support was added.

  • DTrace support was added.

  • A new typehint indicates a function argument must be callable.

  • Session entropy uses /dev/urandom or /dev/arandom by default for extra security if either is present at compile time.

  • Function call results can now be immediately dereferenced as arrays: foo()[0]

  • Class members can be accessed on instantiation: (new foo)-method()

For more changes see the migration documentation.