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PHP Advent 2011

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 30 December 2011.
Planet PHP

The fifth edition of PHP Advent has come to a close. Since 2007, we have published 120 articles, many of which are just as relevant and useful today as when they were first published.

This year, Sean and I decided to choose only authors who did not write for PHP Advent last year, and we made an extra effort to seek out authors who had never written for PHP Advent before. We were pretty darn successful; our first-time authors include:

  1. Derek Sivers
  2. Laura Beth Denker
  3. Chris Hartjes
  4. Evert Pot
  5. Wez Furlong
  6. Samer Atiani
  7. Ryan Parman
  8. Michael Nitschinger
  9. Beth Tucker Long
  10. Jeremy Kendall
  11. David Walsh
  12. Gwynne Raskind
  13. Matt Graham
  14. David Coallier
  15. Drew McLellan
  16. Rachel Andrew
  17. Dan Mills
  18. Jeff Loiselle

The most popular article this year was Cracks in the Foundation, by Gwynne Raskind, thanks mostly to the traffic from Hacker News.

Each article this year included a developer gift idea. Here's the aggregated gift guide:

  1. Any loud, ticking timer to use with the Pomodoro Technique
  2. The Options Interchangeable Zephyr Acrylic Circular Knitting Needle Set and Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food
  3. The Pragmatic Programmer, by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas
  4. This excellent mug and good tea
  5. A pack of good cigars, a bottle of fine scotch, or some appropriately-sized ammunition
  6. Hyperion, by Dan Simmons
  7. Awesome pancake cushions, leather cases for iPods, iPads, and MacBooks that resemble old books, and Arduino goodies.
  8. whiskey stones, a nice set of tumblers, and another set of tumblers.
  9. An email sent to the unsung heroes in your workplace
  10. A gift bought from someone's Amazon wishlist, or a pair o

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