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PHP Summit in London

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 25 February 2012.
Planet PHP

With all PHP topics, nothing counts more than their practical application. This is why offers highly interactive and practical workshops. Based on their own specific needs and questions, the attendees decide on the topics that are covered. They experience the development of new code at first hand, following their own agendas rather than those of the three trainers.

The first PHP Summit with workshops presented in English will be in London in May. And these are the workshops:

Update PHP: Leverage New Features and Technologies

Workshop with Sebastian Bergmann

PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4 help developers in their daily routine with a plethora of relevant improvements. Get to know the innovative features of these new versions and learn how to apply them in practice. Discover the potential of emerging technologies such as memcached or ZeroMQ and learn how they can solve your problems.

Unclean PHP: Identify, Refactor, Avoid

Workshop with Sebastian Bergmann

Sooner or later unclean code becomes a damn nuisance. And not only for the developer who has to maintain it. Changes and extensions make the code more and more uneconomic. Learn how to detect unclean code using static analysis and how to refactor it with testability and maintainability in mind. Learn how to avoid unclean code by applying the SOLID principles and writing sustainable code.

Best Practices: From the Real World for the Real World

Workshop with Arne Blankerts

Of course you can reinvent the wheel every day. You just do not have the time to do so, plus it is no fun, and bugs can creep into the same places over and over again. Clever solutions exist for many bread-and-butter problems that only deviate slightly from already solved ones. This workshop shows the programming concepts to achieve this in a live coding session that is entirely driven by the audience's requests and invites to a discussion of tools and techniques.

Safely Prepared for Errors

Workshop with Arne Blankerts

Programs and websites have errors. Always. They become apparent when users enter wrong, invalid, or unexpected input, when access to the database is suddenly not possible, or when the disk is full. Various approaches to safely handle these and other problems are presented and discussed in this workshop. How to correctly use exceptions, why a custom error handler can be helpful, and what debugging has to do with security A- these questions and more will be answered intuitively and vividly.

Object-Oriented Progamming (OOP) in PHP I: Fundamentals

Workshop with Stefan Priebsch

This workshop answers the question what object-oriented programming is all about. It gives an introduction to OOP with PHP that goes beyond the known standard examples. In addition to presenting the fundamental principals of OOP it also highlights interesting features of the Standard PHP Library (SPL) and how they can be applied in practice. In addition to imparting factual knowledge the workshop presents a mindset that allows you to avoid overly complicated approaches.

Object-Oriented Progamming (OOP) in PHP II: Advanced Topics

Workshop with Stefan Priebsch

This workshop introduces attendees that are already familiar with the foundations of OOP to advanced topics such as Dependency Injection, abstract classes, and interfaces as well as best practices for successful object-oriented programming. A live coding session makes the presented techniques tangible. In addition to imparting factual knowledge the workshop shows that good solutions are simple solutions: simple objects are easier to reuse and test A- and thus help to avoid mistakes.

Testing PHP Application: Fundamentals

Workshop with Sebastian Bergmann

This workshop imparts the fundamental information and skills for the writing of Unit Tests, Database Integration Tests, Edge-to-Edge Tests, and End-to-End Tests with PHPUnit. You will learn everything you need to know to write, organize, and run tests with PHPUnit.

Testing PHP Applications: Advanced Topics

Workshop with Sebastian Bergmann

Craftily leverage PHPUnit: Attendees of this workshop will learn PHPUnit best practices and field-tested strategies for the introduction of testing measures into legacy projects. A range of examples will help the attendees to develop a sense for hard-to-test code and bad tests. They will learn how to refactor legacy code for testability and how to avoid common pitfalls when writing unit tests.

Insider's Tip XML: Applications the Smart Way

Workshop with Arne Bla

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