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PHPNW11 - How To Dig Your Own Grave

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 18 April 2800.
Planet PHP

The PHP North West User Group ran it's 4th (and largest yet!) PHP conference - PHPNW11 in Manchester last weekend.

This year's conference line-up was particularly strong, both with the quality of speaker and the quality of topics, but there was one talk in particular that topped them all. It all began with Rowan's laptop a

So Rowan had this laptop a but no matter how hard he stared at it, it just wasn't going to work with the projector at the conference a

a so his friends rallied round and swaped his laptop for one that would work a

a the audience watches on with growing hilarity as Ben, Lorna and Ian try to get Rowan's PDF slides presenting nicely in OSX's Preview a only to be thwarted when the remote control for moving from slide to slide doesn't work a

a in the end, Rowan press-gangs the conference's keynote speaker into being his Speaker Slave (TM), advancing the slides forward on command throughout the talk.

Many speakers would have been destroyed by the sequence of problems, but Rowan successfully turned them into a great warm-up for what was without doubt the funniest talk all day.