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Plat_Forms Contest 2011: it was great fun

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 23 January 2011.
Planet PHP

On tuesday and wenesday last week, the 2011 version of the Plat_Forms contest took place. It was organizedAby FU Berlin, OSBF and publishing company Heise.

16 Teams of 4 (+1) different web application development platforms were given the same requirements and two days of time to develop as much as possible. I was again amazed by the great atmosphere and the cooperative attitude of the teams. This year, there were teams of PHP, Perl, Java, Ruby and one Javascript-On-The-Server Team.

The organizers around Prof. Lutz Prechelt and Eduard Heilmayr did a fantastic job to provide a great environment to work in. They will be evaluating the work of the different teams now and present their scientific results in a couple of months from now.A

Some impressions of the contest can be seen in the contest blog.A

Spot the java guys...