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Preparing for php 5.3 certification exam

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 20 October 2010.
Planet PHP

Today was a joyful day as I passed the Zend PHP 5.3 certification exam at Global Knowledge, a Pearson Vue exam center here in Mechelen. Since I announced this happy moment on Twitter, I got lots of congratulations from the community but also a lot of questions from PHP developers who were thinking about taking the exam.

Before starting the exam, I had to sign a non-disclosure contract with Zend Technologies, Inc. to keep the contents to myself, so don't ask me what questions were asked.

I can write a short article on how I prepared myself to pass the exam and what you can do to achieve the same successful outcome.

First of all, I was happy when Zend announced in it's ZCE newsletter (which I cannot link here yet) the brand new PHP 5.3 exam was available for purchase and I purchased a voucher immediately. Once I had the voucher, I could pick an exam center nearby and select an available date for the exam. Today was that date.

I had about a week to get prepared and a lot of job-related tasks piled up, so I needed to go the extra mile on time to refresh my knowledge of previous Zend Certification exams and see what was new with this PHP 5.3 exam.

My first point of focus was the Zend PHP 5.3. Certification Guide that I could download once I signed up for the exam.A As I expected, it gave me merely an overview of topics that the exam covered, but since the guide itself was still in beta and I found a lot of mistakes in it, I turned to my old-time favorite reference: the website.

The parts I looked at in preparation of the exam were:

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