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Quick setup for PHP development trees

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 17 April 1980.
Planet PHP

As PHP has moved to git recently everybody who works on the PHP source has to recreate his work environment. When working on PHP I have a few requirements for my working dirs. For one I want to be able to use different branches (like 5.3, 5.4 and master) at the same time and I want to quickly test different PHP configurations, like builds using thread-safety or debug mode on or off.

A simple approach for this is to use out-of-tree builds, something like that:

$ git clone ....php-src.git
$ (cd php-src && ./buildconf)
$ mkdir build-master-minimal
$ cd build-master-minimal
$ ../php-src/configure --disable-all
$ make

This allows having both requirements full-filled as you can have build dirs for each branch and each configuration. Nice, but in the long run quite confusing as you always have to make sure php-src has the correct branch checked out, matching the build dir you're currently building in, else you will create a mess.

Thankfully there is a nice solution to have multiple checkouts using git-new-workdir. So one can easily setup the branches and build dirs. Now it's still quite some repetitive work to create a structure using different branches and a set of different build dirs for each branch. Therefore I've created a simple shell script to do this quickly on my different machines and pushed the script to github in case anybody wants to have a similar structure, and maybe improve the script. But be warned: The script is really an ad hoc thing for me to get started.