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Recite CMS 2.1.10 Released

We have today released Recite CMS 2.1.10 which resolves a critical regression that was introduced in the release earlier this week. We strongly encourage all users of Recite CMS 2.1.9 to upgrade as soon as possible.

The Incident

As part of our ongoing effort to make Recite CMS as fast as possible we are continually tweaking the content cache. One of the issues that arose in Recite CMS 2.1.8 was that in some cases when a template folder was deleted, any templates that were in that folder remained cached for several minutes afterwards.

In Recite CMS 2.1.9 we resolved this issue, but the fix had a side-effect where it removed some of the stored "file manager" data for the associated client (this had no impact on data stored in the database).

Our Resolution

We have resolved this issue and released new versions of the affected packages (recite-2.1.10 and core-templates-2.1.9).

Additionally, we have added an additional safeguard to the stored client data can no longer be removed in the manner described.

We are now also looking at ways to prevent this kind of issue from occurring in the future, including expanding our unit testing suite, as well as upgrading the Recite CMS package updater to include more detail about available updates.


For any of our clients who are impacted by this issue we apologize and request that you contact us if you have any follow-up questions.

While we try our best to avoid these kinds of issues from occurring, we strongly encourage that all users do the following to reduce the impact if they do happen:

  • Perform regular backups of your development, staging and production servers (including file system and databases)
  • Regularly check for package updates in the Recite CMS Administration Site

Thank you for using Recite CMS.