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Recite CMS 2.1.11 Released

We have today released Recite CMS 2.1.11 and updates to the assets and backend requests drivers. This is a maintenance release that improves file management in Recite CMS.

The key improvements in these updates include the following:

  • Upgrade to Zend Framework 1.10.4
  • Added a script to help restore files to database file stubs
  • File manager now stores a hash of files to help if restoring file stubs
  • Ability to serve static web site files that are not managed via Recite CMS

We encourage users to upgrade their Recite CMS installation and the two package updates. Instructions can be found in the package management area of the Recite CMS administration site.

You can download Recite CMS now for free at the Recite CMS Download Portal.

If you have any questions about this release or have any comments or suggestions, please Contact Us.