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Recite CMS 2.1.15 released

Today Recite CMS 2.1.15 was released, which presented a number of stability and performance updates, as well as updates to third-party software.

Some of the updates in this version (and in updated packages) include:

  • Upgraded to Zend Framework 1.10.5
  • Upgraded to CKEditor 3.3
  • Ability to bulk assign modules to clients
  • Ability to change the status of a client (makes it possible to deny Control Panel login without taking down their site)
  • Various improvements to import/export framework
  • An improved default site that is optionally auto-created when a new client is added

We encourage all users to upgrade to this new version (and any new packages) as soon as possible. You can upgrade using the Package Management section in Recite CMS administration.

If you have any inquiries about this release, please contact us.

Note: We released Recite 2.1.14 last week, but we've now released this subsequent update to incorporate additional functionality that was required by some clients.