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Recite CMS 2.1.6 Released

Today we have released Recite 2.1.6, which presents a large number of stability fixes as well as several new features. We encourage all users to upgrade to this latest version, as well as to upgrade their ionCube Loader.

Some of the key improvements of this release include:

  • Show a list of related widgets when adding new widgets in the Control Panel
  • Ability to upgrade/install all packages with a single command
  • Ability to put your site into maintenance mode via the Control Panel
  • Ability to easily restart Apache automatically when client domains are updated

In addition to the new Recite CMS release, we've released updated versions of all packages. Some of the highlights include:

  • Upgrade to CKeditor 3.2
  • Ability to set Expires date on files mirrored on Amazon S3
  • Ability to send minified CSS/JavaScript to file mirrors
  • Ability to use an uploaded file as a custom field
  • Easily see if there are unsaved changes when editing a file or template
  • Ability to resize text editor and template editor
  • New "data streaming" container rule to consume XML/JSON data from third-party sites

For more details about the changes in this release, check Package Information page on the Recite CMS Download Portal.

Note: If you are looking for the Recite CMS 2.1.5 release, this was released internally but not made public due to a technical issue that has since been resolved.