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RFC: Mocking protected methods

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 16 June 2011.
Planet PHP

Update, 2011-06-16, 12:15 AM Thanks for the comments.

(I swear I had something like that before and it didn't work!) Here's the solution:

$userId = 61382; $docId = 'CLD2_62e029fc-1dae-4f20-873e-69facb64a21a'; $body = '{"error":"missing","reason":"problem?"}'; $client = new Zend_Http_Client; $client-setAdapter(new Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Test); $couchdb = $this-getMock('CouchDB', array('makeRequest',), array($userId, $this-config,)); $couchdb-expects($this-once()) -method('makeRequest') -will($this-returnValue(new Zend_Http_Response(200, array(), $body))); $couchdb-setHttpClient($client); $couchdb-getDocument($docId);

--- Original blog entry ---

I wrote a couple tests for a small CouchDB access wrapper today. But when I wrote the implementation itself, I realized that my class setup depends on an actual CouchDB server being available and here my journey began.

Example code

Consider the following example:

My objective is not to be able to test any of the protected methods directly, but to be able to supply a fixture so we don't have to setup CouchDB to run our testsuite. My fixture would replace makeRequest() and return a JSON string instead.

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