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Roundcube, SQLite and PHP 5.4

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 14 August 2012.
Planet PHP

After updating PHP to version 5.4 (with mixed success), I am still cleaning up the fallout peu A peu. During my holidays, the fact that my Roundcube installation is also broken bit me (I needed quick access to my flight information and the e-mail was not cached on my iPhone). Today, I tried to fix it.A

I was using Roundcube 0.8-beta with the SQLite backend, and it seemed the database was no longer accessible. SQLite is a bit picky with its permissions, so I checked that first, but the server log said:A

[Wed Aug 08 19:06:33 2012] [error] MDB2 Error: not found (-4): [Error message: extension sqlite is not compiled into PHP]\n

Whoopsydaisies, is there an extension missing? I duly checked my PHP for SQLite support and sure enough, the sqlite3 extension was loaded. But alas, Roundcube uses the outdated sqlite2 API, so it fails. I tried updating to Roundcube 0.8.0, but to no avail. After a while of googling, I found a bug in the Debian tracker that essentially said aoRoundcube's fault for using outdated codea and led to a bug in the Roundcube bug tracker (#1488332). This one was marked as fixed 6 days ago (August 08th), so I downloaded the latest nightly, marked 20120812. This nightly did not fix the issue, either.

So either there's currently no way to use Roundcube with SQLite and PHP 5.4 or I have missed something. Does anyone have a hint for me?

(PS: The current nightly has an awesome new UI, so the update wasn't for naught.)