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Should we get ready to go nuts over cookies?

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 28 June 2010.
Planet PHP

The Register on a new EU law, due to go into effect next year, that requires sites to ask for consent prior to storing cookies on a user's browser:

An exception exists where the cookie is aostrictly necessarya for the provision of a service aoexplicitly requesteda by the user - so cookies can take a user from a product page to a checkout without the need for consent. Other cookies will require prior consent, though, and the law must be implemented in member states by May 2011.

So, how do you define aostrictly necessary?a If your PHP installation has sessions on by default even though you don't use them, is that a violation of the law? What if you use Google Analytics on your site? Should you, or Google, request permission?

If any of my European friends want to chime in with what this means, I'd welcome the information. Please try keeping the swearing down to a minimum, if you cana