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Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 21 April 5920.
Planet PHP

Last week I attended 3 different conferences: PHP International Conference in Berlin, then Buzzwords also in Berlin and finally Symfony Live in Paris. So I listened to a lot of talks, but also gave my share of presentations with a workshop, 2 talks and a panel for IPC, 2 lightning talks at Buzzwords and then 2 more talks at Symfony Live. One thing I noticed is that I tend to forget to even mention my name, especially since I rarely even have a slide about myself as I create most slide decks for reuse by the community. I kind of expect people to already know my name from the schedule and if they want to know more about me they can check the site or better yet approach to me after the talk. At the other end of the spectrum I noticed most presenters at Buzzwords were spending multiple slides on themselves and their company and past clients. Something I found highly irritating since most talks only had a 20min slot (which imho is a great idea to give more speakers and topics a chance to be show cased). So I did a little twitter poll today about what people want to see in a talk and most said essentially: name + twitter/github handle.