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Slides for aBuilding an SSO platform in PHP'

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 6 November 2010.
Planet PHP

My second presentation at Zendcon last thursday was about Single Sign On. SSO becomes increasingly important. Especially in a system where users are increasingly mobile and using multiple devices to access applications, it becomes more important to allow users to safely log in without giving them yet another username/password combination.

Especially in corporate environments where many applications are used (some of which are hosted onsite, some offsite) users have a hard time remembering all their passwords and keeping track of their identities.

In this talk, I presented a number of ways to fix this problem. For public applications OAuth and OpenID are useful solutions, both of which are presented with code samples in the presentation. For enterprise applications, SAML is a useful standard. The presentation covers building an Identity Provider for your company and shows how to integrate with that identity provider from your applications.

Below are the slides; you can click on through to slideshare to download the PDF. If you need help with any of the concepts from this presentation, or if you want to have this presentation delivered at an event, don't hesitate to contact me.

Building an SSO platform in php (Zendcon 2010) View more presentations from Ivo Jansch.