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Speaking at CakeFest 2012

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 27 July 2012.
Planet PHP

I'm delighted to announce that the nice people over at CakePHP have very kindly invited me to speak at their event in Manchester in September - CakeFest! They brought this event to Manchester last year and I wasn't able to make it, so I'm super-excited to be there this year.

The Event

The event itself is at Manchester Conference Centre which I like a lot and have hosted events at before. It's easy to park and is about 5 minutes' walking from Manchester Picadilly train station so it's very handy for everyone - it also has hotel rooms upstairs and fairly good bar, so really it ticks all the boxes for me :)

There are in-depth workshop days on the Thursday and Friday, then the main conference on the Saturday and Sunday, so you can adjust your dose of CakePHP to suit your needs. Tickets are still on sale for both of the above so grab yours - you'll be glad you did.

The Talks

The schedule is looking great so far, and personally I'm giving two talks. The first covers the "best bits" of the newest version of PHP 5.4 - this one is great fun and there are some hidden gems that you might not be aware of. I'm also speaking about how to use git and github to contribute back to the open source projects that we know and love - such as CakePHP. I'm not a CakePHP contributor (not yet anyway!) but I run an open source project on github and I'm looking forward to helping everyone to be just as involved as they want to be!

Will you be at CakeFest? Leave me a comment if you are!

Lorna is an independent web development consultant, writer and trainer, open source project lead and community evangelist. This post was originally published at LornaJane