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Steponas Kazakevicius' Blog: Interruptable file download

Note: This article was originally published at PHPDeveloper on 14 September 2010.

Steponas Kazakevicius has written up a new tutorial about file uploading and, more specifically, making an upload tool that can handle interruptions.

Have you ever been to a website that offers downloads of stuff? And while you are waiting for the download, there are lots of ads around? Sure you have. I have too. The last day I was downloading stuff. An idea came to my head. Was there a site which required to stay and watch the ads while you are downloading? Didn't see one. Is that technically possible? Sure. I wanted to show how. So I made a small web app for that.

His application (live demo or download available) submits the user upload in the background so that, if the user decides to cancel it, they can at any time and move on immediately.